Where the names come from: Origin of Dreamland

Dreamland is not a particularly original name, but it is a name that evokes all kinds of emotions. I took the name from a poem by Edgar Allen Poe, one of many I read in high school. The poem is filled with shifting landscapes and dark, brooding images, and seemed to fit well with the overall story arc I was envisioning for the Draakonor Chronicles. When I was building Ninavar I imagined a medieval world much like our own, but one bordered by other worlds, the most prominent of which would be a magical realm filled with all of the non-human races, the creatures of myth and legend that haunt our dreams and stir our imaginations. And what would happen if the veil separating those two places was breached and the two worlds came together in sudden, violent contact? Well, you’ll just have to read the story to find out.


David E. Barber is a fantasy writer and author of A Way with Magic and The Fabled Beast of Elddon. David grew up in the Midwest, surviving childhood on a steady diet of fantasy, science fiction, and horror books, movies, and comics. Inspired by authors like J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert E. Howard, and George R.R. Martin, he began writing stories of his own and is currently hard at work on an epic fantasy series. He lives in Denver, Colorado.

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