Elddon Characters

Lothanarion Tharthian Filanderan Aquillean (Loth)

Loth is the son of Giltharthian Aquillean, a courtier of some renown and commander of the Seventh Legion of Idhrenion the Wise, King of Ellyldan. His mother, Aelotharia Filanderan, is also known as the Rindaya, which in the elven language means “wanderer”, a title of great mystery and respect bestowed upon one person in a generation.

Loth spent his youth on the isle of Ellyldan, in the midst of the Sunset Sea. But he soon tired of the politics and intrigue associated with the elven court and set himself on a quest to find the Rindaya, who disappeared years before. Taking only a few belongings and what little wealth he possessed, Loth set out for the continent to begin his search.

After many years and countless misadventures, Loth eventually came to the village of Elddon on the eastern edge of Briganthan. It was there that he would encounter the fabled beast and meet Ander Inenyar. The two would begin a friendship that would change his life and the destiny of all Ninavar.


Ander Inenyar

Ander was born in the village of Felhallin, among the frozen hills and shadowed forests of Hithgowr. He was raised by his uncle Rothgar, a fierce warrior known for his courage and sharp tongue, and grew up fighting trolls and orcs among the peaks of the Winterset Mountains. By the age of fourteen Ander had already earned a reputation for his strength and skill with a sword. The villagers awarded him the name “Inenyar”, which in the language of the Northmen means “lone warrior”, for his tendency to go off into the wilderness and return with wild tales of his adventures.

Chafing at the constraints imposed on him by village life Ander soon left Felhallin and struck out on his own, crossing the mountains into the Dark Lands beyond. He fell in with a band of Wudu tribesmen and traveled with them for a time, until they came upon soldiers of the Briganthan border guard. Anxious to earn some coin and learn more about the Middle Kingdoms, Ander joined the border guard and fought with them for nearly two years.

When Ander’s young friend, Tristan, told him about the troubles back home, and about the girl he had left behind, Ander felt duty bound to accompany his friend to Elddon. That decision would begin a chain of events that would change his life forever.