Portia an Nachtwald

Portia is an intelligent young woman with all the beauty and poise one might expect of the daughter of a powerful baron. She possesses all the traits that would make her a suitable wife for any noble lord. But Portia has no intention of marrying, least of all to the suitors proposed by her father, the baron of Nachtwald, who seems to view her maidenhood as an asset to be exploited for the benefit of himself and his kingdom.

Under the tutelage of an aged wizard, a former arch mage of some notoriety, Portia is learning to use magic. She desires, more than anything, to be a great wizard like her mother before her. But to do that she will need to escape her father’s machinations and pit her talents against powerful forces bent on destroying everything she has ever known.


Finnan an Nachtwald

As the only son of the baron of Nachtwald and heir to a kingdom, Finn has a life most boys his age would be envious of. But Finn is not like most boys. While other youths learn the ways of chivalry, dueling with blunted swords on a sunlit practice field, Finn prefers to linger in the shadows. His true education is conducted in the dark of night, learning the ways of thievery and the hidden dagger from a master thief and assassin.

Finn longs to escape the life of duty and responsibility set before him and enter a moonlit world of intrigue and danger. When a mismatched group of adventurers arrives in Nachtwald, pursued by an invading army, Finn sees an opportunity to change both his fate and that of his sister, Portia. Joining forces with the newcomers, Finn and Portia set out on an impossible quest to face a mysterious dark sorceress and confront an ancient evil.