A Way with Magic,
The Draakonor Chronicles: Book 1

A thousand years ago, the veil separating the world of Ninavar and the mythical realm known as the Dreamland was destroyed, releasing the denizens of myth and legend and sparking a war that would last for centuries. A hard-fought peace was eventually won, but now an old adversary has returned who seeks to unleash chaos on both worlds.

Portia an Nachtwald is about to be married—she just doesn’t know to whom. But Portia has her own ideas about what she wants and plots to run away so that she can pursue her dream of becoming a wizard like her mother before her. Finn, Portia’s younger brother, is also trying to escape his planned future as heir to the kingdom so he can become a master thief.

When a small band of heroes arrives in Nachtwald pursued by the vanguard of an approaching army, Portia and Finn see an opportunity. With the city on the verge of a siege, the siblings join forces with the newcomers in a desperate bid to save Nachtwald and alter their fates. But first they must overcome a powerful sorceress who, armed with a shard of a magic gem called the Draakonor, is trying to start a war that will consume both Ninavar and the Dreamland.

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The Fabled Beast of Elddon

When Loth, an elven ranger on a quest to find a mythical creature called the Rindaya, stumbles upon a farmer’s cottage being attacked by the fabled beast of Elddon, he has no choice but to intervene. After pulling a dying woman from the ruins of her home, the woman begs him to save her three sons who were kidnapped by demons in league with the monster. Despite his misgivings, Loth’s chivalrous nature demands that he find the boys and rescue them from danger.

Ander is a mercenary for the Briganthan border guard who has come to Elddon to help a comrade rescue the love of his life, a beautiful young woman falsely accused of witchcraft and sentenced to be sacrificed to the fabled beast.

Now Loth and Ander must work together against a corrupt baron and a ruthless knight to uncover the truth behind the beast’s sudden return. And they must infiltrate a ruined city, a place of danger and ancient horrors, and do battle with the evil kerram, a canine race bent on mayhem and destruction, to save a young woman in peril and save the missing boys. Will Loth and Ander overcome the forces aligned against them, or will they become the next victims in the fabled beast of Elddon’s reign of terror?

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