A Way with Magic is the first in a series of epic fantasy novels that make up the Draakonor Chronicles. Enter the world of Ninavar, a realm of heroes and monsters, of epic quests and adventure.

A thousand years ago, the veil separating Ninavar and the magical realm called the Dreamland was destroyed, releasing the denizens of myth and legend and sparking a war that would last for centuries. A hard-fought peace was eventually won, but now an old adversary has returned who seeks to plunge both worlds into chaos once more.

Portia an Nachtwald is about to be married–she just doesn’t know to whom yet. As the daughter of a powerful baron, she is expected to sacrifice her hopes and desires for the kingdom’s continued prosperity. But Portia has other ideas and plots to run away so she can pursue her dream of becoming a wizard like her mother before her.

Finn, Portia’s irreverent younger brother, is also trying to escape his planned future as heir to the kingdom so he can become a master thief. He longs for a life of adventure far from the constraints imposed on him by his noble father.

When a small band of heroes arrives in Nachtwald, pursued by the vanguard of an approaching army, Portia and Finn see an opportunity to finally change their destinies. With time running out and the city on the verge of a siege, the siblings join forces with the newcomers in a desperate bid to save Nachtwald and alter their own fates. But first they must overcome a powerful sorceress who, armed with a shard of a magic gem called the Draakonor, is trying to start a war that will consume both Ninavar and the Dreamland.

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